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 Volver Soñar

Volver Soñar was recorded in the Estudios Musicales Metropolis of Vigo.

Recording Technician: Fran Álvarez
Music Production:Diego Bea Besada
Mastering:Fran Álvarez
To Mix: Fran Álvarez




3- Muiñeira de Floreano

4-Xota de Caroi

5- Padararuama

6- Senhora do Almortâo

7- Volver Soñar

8 – An Bradán Polka    

9- Terra d´Mos, Mar d´Arousa

10- Filla da Roseira

11- O Nubeiro

12-Pasacorredoiras da Torroeira




Stones                                                                    Diego Bea Besada Arr. Diego Bea Besada

The stones are not only to stumble, they also make roads. 
And if you stop to observe, the trails tell stories and legends of all the things that surrounded them, of the horses and the wheels that use them, of the rain that cuts them, of the thunders that make them tremble, of the sun that dries them and of the air. Leaves that timidly lie about them, even of the people, and some stones have more history than us, that with our ephemeral pride we pretend to be… Diego Bea Besada

Arróupame                                                           Xulio Lorenzo Arr.Diego Bea Besada

When I wrote this topic did not know what title to put and when I happen this always ask for help in networks, followers and friends… there was a alubión of suggestions,                                           but the one I really loved was this: 
“Arroupame, the music seemed warm and sensitive. It brought me good feelings, good memories, I felt good. I heard her this fall morning, lying on the covered couch with a blanket. I tucked with the blanket with the sound of your music and it made me feel that, wrapped in the memories and good feelings that brought me to hear it “…

Susana González Lago

Muiñeira de Floreano                                                 Xulio Lorenzo Arr.Diego Bea Besada
The friendship with one of the best Galician illustrators along with a concert at the feast of the seafood of O Grove made possible this sympathetic Muiñeira dedicated with all the affection to Floreano. In his presentation, Gogue made me this vignette published in the newspaper Faro de Vigo.

Xota de Caroi                                                 Tradicional. Arr Roberto Comesaña/Diego Bea Besada


       Traditional beautiful Xota of which they say has Sefardies connotations, with a fantastic arrangement whit the help of our accordionist Roberto Comesaña in addition to Diego Bea and sung by the great Pandereteiras Arume of Guizán, just a fantastic mix                 

Special collaboration:  Pandereteiras Arume de Guizán.

Padararuama                                                             Xulio Lorenzo Arr.Diego Bea Besada
This topic was composed in the year 2015 during my tour of Brazil. On a visit I made to my family in Rio de Janeiro, I discovered new rhythms and new songs. A theme dedicated to all my heart to my uncles Sideni and Constantine who run a “Padaria” (our bakery) in Araruama… do you know where the title comes from? …

Voice: Tío Constantino

Senhora do Almortâo                                                        Música Xulio Lorenzo/ Arr. Diego Bea Besada Popular Beira Baixa (Portugal)

 One of the topics, for me, the most emblematic of the popular culture of Portugal in the Baixa Beira at the end with Castile. It takes Me to the evenings next to a fire in ancient times. Music is a composition I made six years ago, when I heard it for the first time, and I was waiting all this time to get out the best way I felt it and in the voices of three great Pandereteiros. Special collaboration: Pandereteiros Diego Calviño, Iván Blanco, Diego Cabaleiro


Volver  Soñar                                                          Xulio Lorenzo Arr.Diego Bea Besada

                                                                                     Lyrics: Nieves García Quiles, Diego Bea, Xulio Lorenzo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

We all have immense dreams when we are children who, for one reason or another, always end up being kept in a trunk of dreams, illusions and even fears. I can say that my dreams are here… Life has to reinvent it, dream it and enjoy it… Live, play, hop, jump,… Dream again…

An Bradán Polka                                                        Xulio Lorenzo Arr. Diego Bea Besada

Salmon is an important symbol of Amulet totem in Ireland and the Celtic world. This amulet is part of many legends where he instructs the heroes in knowledge and wisdom. This beautiful Polka is dedicated to all my love to Marcos Campos, great piper, great person and great friend

Terra d´ Mos, Mar d´Arousa                                               Xulio Lorenzo Arr. Diego Bea Besada

A sound journey from the Earth, the Mos Mountains to the estuary and the beautiful beaches of Arousa, we began with a Xota, the Xota of MoS and we went to the lively Muiñeira of Vilanova with a party finish in a high way.

Filla da Roseira                                                      Xulio Lorenzo Arr. Diego Bea Besada

                                                                                          Lyrics: Raúl Ben Rodríguez                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The rose, the symbol of my home, of Mos, my people. This song is dedicated to all people who struggle daily with their lives, especially the Mosenses women of the Galician Residents of Mos Center in Buenos Aires, Agentina.  With so many stories of overcoming. Filla da Roseira, for me it has that meaning, go ahead, live your dreams, never give up. The lyrics are made by a great composer and friend, Raúl Ben Rodríguez and sung with me by one of the best Galician  voices today, Belém Tajes.

Special collaboration: Belém Tajes

O Nubeiro                                                                          Xulio Lorenzo Arr Diego Bea Besada        

According to the popular belief of Galician mythological beings, Nubeiro is the inhabitant of the air, his appearance is that of a strong giant, dressed in furs, riding the sky on horseback, causing storms and directing the rays at will for later or at dawn, descend to Earth to contemplate his feats

 Pasacorredoiras da Torroeira                                      Xulio Lorenzo Arr.Diego Bea Besada

The place of Torroeira is where I was born, in Louredo. A place where we met every afternoon to ride a bike, play ball or gunfighters. Many memories I wanted to capture with this happy and fun topic. Dedicated to my early childhood friends.


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